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Khloi had a credit card that her fathers buddy, Voodoo, lost at her palace. He came over and found her in her bedroom, where he asked her about the card and she told him to have a seat on her couch. She told him that she found the credit card, but lost it again. After a moment, she told him that she remembered that she put the credit card in her undies. She told him if he indeed desired it, he needed to grip it himself. She told him not to worry about her parent and that she was 18. He cautiously captured the card and hastily noticed how humid her twat was. He could not help himself, but to play with her yummy vagina. She stuck her bouncy backside in the air and he slurped her saucy twat and pooper. She gargled his shaft right before she got her labia penetrated. She got fellow milk all over her pretty face. They both pinky swore that they would never tell her dad.

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